Revised site plans for Bryant High School building approved

By Martin Couch

Frank Riggins requested approval of construction plans and revised site plans at the November Bryant Planning Commission meeting and, after[more] a lengthy discussion, it was passed.

"I am with Crafton-Tull and they are the civil engineers for the project and the design for the new high school which is led by Jackson, Brown, King Architects," Riggins said. Brooks Jackson also accompanied Riggins in the discussion.

Commissioner Jim Erwin asked Riggins to explain the changes that were made on the site plan.

"As I recall there was one loop taken out of the site plan and the rest of it is involved in the actual construction of the buildings," Chairman Lance Penfield said.Jackson continued with his explanation.

"There are two bus drop-off and pick-up areas in the original design," he said. "The southern most pick-up was a drive that was to be built around an existing building and then you come back out in front of the residences on Harris Street."

Jackson is referring to Buildings 3 and 8.

"It was determined by the school that they did not need two locations for dropping off and picking up students, so the location at the southern most loop was eliminated," Jackson said. "One other concern was the issue of the building itself on the site."

Commissioner Fred Foster assisted in the explanation of the changes that have occurred within the bussing route in this area of the school campus. Riggins explained the proper traffic flow pattern for the busses by showing Foster and the rest of the Commissioners on a map of the school.

"Is there a specific location on the site plan for a gathering plaza for students?" Erwin asked. Jackson confirmed that there was a staging area and the students will be able to get on the buses from there.

Jackson also stated that there were 17 buildings that are going to remain.

The revised site plans were passed by the Commission and will be set forth during the construction of the project.

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