Saline County chapter of Saline County Junior Cotillion honors two Bryant teachers

The National League of Junior Cotillions-Saline County Chapter has announced those who have been named[more] "Best-Mannered Teacher" for 2012. The recipients of the award are Benton Middle School teacher Stephanie Williams, who was nominated by student Emily Haynes, and Bryant Middle School teacher Melissa Hooton, who was nominated by student David Fulton.

Susan Humphries, director of the local Junior Cotillion, said, “The students in our program were excited about being part of the selection process. They wanted to honor teachers who exemplify the etiquette and manners being taught in our program."

Those receiving the awards were nominated by Junior Cotillion students who wrote an essay about a teacher in their school. The criteria for selection included their positive characteristics, how the teacher shows courtesy and respect for students, and why the person is a good role model.

"I have a wonderful group of students who participate in the Cotillion program and I feel it is important to let the community know that these students recognize and appreciate those who make a positive contribution toward their growth," said Humphries.

The National League of Junior Cotillions is an etiquette and social dance training program that involves thousands of students nationwide, teaching them skills that promote honor, dignity, and respect to others and themselves. The local program began in 1993.

For information regarding the local chapter which is conducting registration now for the 2012 season, phone Humphries at 501-262- 5054.

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