School-based health center opens at Bryant Elementary Thursday

The Bryant School District has announced the opening of its first school-based health center on Thursday, Jan. 28.

Located at Bryant Elementary, the Hornet Health Center will serve as a doctor’s office on campus where students can receive quality care at the most convenient location for them — school. The Center operates as a partnership with the school district,

Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, and Connection Company (Bryant School District Department of Mental Health Services).

Dr. Anton Duke and Dr. Kristi Hawkins with Arkansas Pediatric Center will provide care for illness and minor injury, as well as routine wellness services including immunizations and preventative health care. Mental health services will also be available.

“With enrollment in the health center, students can be seen by medical personnel during a brief break from the school day without having to miss hours or even an entire day,” said Bryant Communications Director Devin Sherrill. “It’s especially helpful to parents who will not have to leave work for a doctor’s appointment.

“Hornet Health Center is open to students at Bryant Elementary as well as other children in the Bryant School District,” she added. “With the goal of creating a culture of health, school personnel will work together with parents to ensure the health center meets student needs efficiently, effectively, and seamlessly.”

The community is invited to attend a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday at 10 a.m.

The Hornet Health Center was made possible by a grant from Arkansas Department of Education–Office of Coordinated School Health.

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