School board approves additional business teacher at BHS, contract for copier service

By Jamie Miller

An additional business teacher position was approved for hire for the high school campus at[more] Monday’s meeting of the Bryant Board of Education. High School principal Jay Pickering requested the additional position due to the numerous students that have requested courses in the Business Department for the 2013-14 school year.

Arkansas Copier Center has agreed to work with the Bryant district on its varying renewal dates of copy machine leases. After some adjustments to the lease renewal dates, Arkansas Copier Center agreed to renew the leases once every three years.

The plan also includes, Randal Thompson, the owner of Arkansas Copier, replacing existing equipment with new equipment and lowering the price to the district over the 36-month period by $47,196. The district currently pays $14,958 per month for copier leases and the new agreement would costs $13,647. The board approved the new agreement.

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