Second semester is testing time at Bryant schools

By Jamie Miller

Bryant School District students are only a few weeks into the new semester, but testing is[more] already beginning. Throughout the spring semester, there are several standardized tests that will be taking place on all campuses, elementary through high school.

In grades 9-12, the state mandated tests include End-of-Course exams in Algebra 1, Geometry and Biology as well as the Grade 11 Literacy examination. The tests are administered in both the fall and the spring semester due to the district’s block scheduling.

According to the 2010-2011 Bryant School District’s Annual Report, in the fall of 2010, 52 percent of students that took the Algebra 1 exam were advanced while 48 percent were proficient. In Geometry, 54 percent were advanced with 41 percent proficient. In Biology, 53 percent of the students that took the test were basic and 32 percent were proficient. In the spring of 2011, 56 percent of students were advanced in Algebra 1, 31 percent were proficient and 10 percent were basic. In Geometry, 41 percent were advanced, 40 percent proficient and 16 percent basic. In Biology, 14 percent were advanced, 35 percent proficient and 39 percent basic.

At the end of the spring semester, the 11th Grade Literacy Exam is administered. In the 2010-2011 school year, 17 percent were advanced, 53 percent were proficient and 25 percent were basic.

Listed below is a schedule of the upcoming tests in the Bryant district:

January 24-25, Mid-Year Biology End of Course Exam

March 6-7, Grade 11 Literacy Exam

April 3-4, Norm Reference Test in Kindergarten-2nd and 9th Grades

April 9-13, Augmented Benchmark Exams in Grades 3-8

April 17-18, Geometry End of Course

April 24-25, Biology End of Course
May 8-9
Algebra I End of Course

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