Senior Profile: Savanna Cathey

Editor’s note: This is a regular feature profiling senior athletes at Bryant High School.

NAME: Savanna Cathey

Savanna Cathey

Savanna Cathey

PARENTS: Sherri Graves and Mike Cathey

SIBLINGS: I have several. My older sister’s name is Megan. She lives in Maryland. My older brother’s name is Lucas and he goes to college at UALR. I have a step-sister, Haley, that’s my age and goes to Bryant with me. And I have two little half-sisters, Cameron and Brynnan.

FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: I’m really good at math.

FAVORITE SPARE TIME ACTIVITY: Play golf. I like to draw, and watch movies. I’m a movie addict.

FAVORITE FOOD: I love all food.

FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST OR GROUP: I like more of the rock genre.

FAVORITE MOVIE: I like anything funny.

FAVORITE TV SHOW: The Big Bang Theory.

FAVORITE TOY WHEN YOU WERE A LITTLE KID: I liked playing on the swings a lot.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL? To go to college. And I’m going to try to major in Biology and minor in Chemistry and Spanish for a pre-med degree.

OTHER THAN YOUR PARENTS, WHO’S HAD THE BIGGEST INFLUENCE ON YOUR LIFE? HOW? My older sister. She’s just kind of like my second mom. We’re two peas in a pod. She’s my favorite person.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT GOLF? I like the challenge. It seems like it’s more of a mental game than it is a physical game and a lot of people don’t realize that.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE SEASON SO FAR? We’ve had a lot of ups and downs. We’re hoping to do a little better in State this year.

WHAT’S BEEN THE HIGHLIGHT TO THE SEASON SO FAR? For me, I shot a 39 at Maumelle but State is always kind of a fun day. So I’m looking forward to that. We haven’t had like a big highlight.

WHAT’S IT GOING TO TAKE FOR THE TEAM TO BE SUCCESSFUL THE REST OF THE SEASON? Last year for State, we came in third so we’re hoping to get even a little bit better than that. Abby (McGee), another golfer on our team, seems to be stepping up and Peyton (Weaver) has gotten a lot better so with Peyton and I and Abby, I think we’ll do pretty good.

TALK ABOUT YOUR GAME NOW; WHAT ARE YOU MOST CONFIDENT IN YOUR ABILITY TO DO? My tee shot. My weakness would probably be my short game, getting accuracy onto the green. But my tee shot, I have a lot of confidence in.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE CLUB? Either my driver or my wedge. I like my lob wedge just because I chip really well with it and I like my driver because my drives go straight.

WHEN YOU’RE THROUGH PLAYING GOLF FOR BRYANT HIGH SCHOOL, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’LL LOOK BACK AND REMEMBER MOST FONDLY ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE? Probably the heat. You know, playing with a group of girls — you play with groups in ASGA and stuff and you don’t really have a team so that’s kind of different aspect you have as a high school golfer.

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