State scores (including three State championships)

Tuesday, July 12[more]

Babe Ruth 15-year-old State

At Crossett 

Bryant 12, Clark County 0

Next game: Wednesday, July 13, 5 p.m., vs. Clark County-El Dorado winner

Babe Ruth 13-year-old State

At Little Rock

Bryant 17, Hot Spring County 3

Next game: Wednesday, July 13, 5 p.m. vs. Little Rock Junior Deputy (championship round. Bryant must win twice to win championship) 

Cal Ripken 12-year-old (70) State

At Bishop Park 

Bryant 9, Little Rock Junior Deputy 1 (State champions)

Cal Ripken 10-year-old State

At Lake Village

Bryant 9, Hamburg 1 (State champions)

Cal Ripken 9-year-old State

At Lonoke

Bryant 8, Hot Springs 4 (State champions)

Cal Ripken 8-and-under State

At Sherwood

Marion 11, Bryant 8U 1  

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