Time for annual Taste of Bryant approaching

By Martin Couch

For the past 10 years, the city of Bryant has enjoyed the tastes of its local restaurants with the annual Taste of Bryant and, in July, the 2010 version figures to be the largest of all the previous events.

“We had 28 restaurants who participated and we’ve got 11 as of the first of June with 17 days left for registration,” said Bryant Chamber of Commerce executive director Rae Ann Fields. “It’s a showcase of the food in the area and it’s intended to be a way for a restaurant to present something new on their menu.”[more]

The Chamber of Commerce fundraiser is family-friendly for anyone interested in attending.

“We do this to promote the businesses in the area and we have a kids area while the adults visit,” Fields said. “It’s been growing by 50 participants every year.”

Ten years go, 250 people attended the annual event and last year 750 walked through the doors to taste the local eateries’ treats.

“Last year, we kept hearing it was getting too crowded, so now that we have the community center, we have more space and it allows us room for other businesses to have booths,” Fields added. “It’s always been restricted to only restaurants in the past, but this year we will open it up for everyone, all they have to do is call us.”

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