Tip-Off Night at BJHS features all Bryant basketball teams, spirit squads

The Bryant School District basketball program will be featured tonight along with cheer and dance squads as part of the 2019-20 Tip Off Night at the new Bryant Junior High gym.

Here’s the schedule of events:

Tip-Off Night 2019 (11/7/19) @ BJHS

5:00-5:15    High School Girls

5:15-5:19    High School Dance

5:19-5:23    High School Cheer

5:23-5:28    Warm Up

5:28-5:43    High School Boys

5:43-5:47    9th Dance

5:47-5:51    9th Cheer

5:51-5:56    Warm Up

5:56-6:11    9th Girls

6:11-6:16    Warm Up

6:16-6:31    9th Boys

6:31-6:35    7B Cheer

6:35-6:39    7B Dance

6:39-6:44    Warm Up

6:44-6:59    7th Blue vs White Girls

6:59-7:04    Warm Up

7:04-7:19    7th Blue vs White Boys

7:19-7:23    7W Dance

7:23-7:27    7W Cheer

7:27-7:32    Warm Up

7:32-7:47    8th Blue vs White Girls

7:47-7:51    8B Cheer

7:51-7:55    8B Dance

7:55-7:59    8W Cheer

7:59-8:03    8W Dance

8:03-8:08    Warm Up

8:08-8:23    8th Blue vs White Boys

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