1.6 million and counting

Friends of BryantDaily.com:

Imagine if you had an old-fashioned newspaper in your hands and you’re perusing the pages, glancing at the headlines. Let’s say that every page you look over is called an “impression.”

Well, on a website like this, that’s just what we call it when someone looks at a “page” on the site: an impression. If you look at the front page that’s one impression. If you choose a story to “Read the rest of this article . . . “ and it opens a second page, that’s another impression.

Now, consider that since February of 2009 when BryantDaily.com was launched, there have been over 1.6 million impressions! That’s an average of over 90,000 a month![more]

How exciting is that?!

Well, not nearly as exciting as the latest numbers for what is quickly becoming THE source of news for you and your neighbors in Bryant.

We busted the ceiling out on all our expectations during July 2010 with more folks than ever checking out BryantDaily.com.

Thank you very much!

Now you might wonder if we are satisfied with these results? Please, wonder no further. I hope you have noticed that the addition of Martin Couch as our general news reporter and Jamie Dobbs as a school reporter provides a wider variety of information on the site and their efforts are greatly appreciated. There’s now something for everybody that visits BryantDaily.com.

A special thanks to Lana Clifton too for pitching in with school coverage as she continues to try to sell her house in advance of her move to Texas.

So, what’s your favorite subject on the site? If it’s Local News, just choose the “Local News” link in the Index on the left of the page and Bookmark that page. When you come back to BryantDaily.com using that link, it will open to the area you’re most interested in.

One more thing: Please patronize our sponsors. Let them know you appreciate them helping to make BryantDaily.com possible.

— Rob Patrick


  1. Britt

    Congratulations Rob and and the staff of BryantDaily.com! Appreciate your work on this site, and thank you for providing an online resource to keep the wonderful community of Bryant informed. The ad spaces have been great (safe for work!) and the overall site is focused on your informational posts and articles. Keep up the excellence.

  2. rch3

    Great job. I know one of the first things I do each day at work is to pull up Bryant Daily.

    It’s definitely more value than the $15 I cough up each month for the Dem/Gaz.


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