BHS golfers open 2010 season

With the top players from last season returning to both the boys and girls teams, the Bryant High School golf squad opens the 2010 season with tournaments at Texarkana and Conway over the next week.

The boys team is led by sophomore Tyler Green who was the team’s No. 1 player last year when the team qualified for the Class 7A State tournament by finishing fourth in the 7A-Central Conference. They open play at a tournament in Texarkana on Thursday, Aug. 5.

The girls team, led by senior Morgan Morehead who qualified for the Class 7A State tournament individually last season, will begin play at Conway on Monday, Aug. 9.[more]

Also returning to the girls team are senior Caitlin Lawson and sophomore Carley Miller. Three freshmen have been added to the group, Savanna Cathey, KyAnne Lawrence and Brook Shurra.

“Those are three very promising freshmen,” said head coach Jim Pennington. “They’ve been participating in the junior program at Longhills (Golf Club) this summer and I’m very high on them. I think all three of them will be in our top five.”

For the boys, seniors Chris Harris and Brandon Crosby return along with junior Payne Roberts. Sophomores include Green, Austin Harmon, Allen Humbard, Riley Hall, Nick Counts and Nick Pizan. Two freshman have been added, Chase Thornton and Seth Smith.

“Austin and Payne were in our top five last year so we have three of our top five coming back,” Pennington mentioned. “Chris and Brandon, our two seniors, weren’t in our top five last year but they were six and seven so they’re pretty good golfers too.

“Chase Thornton definitely has a chance to be in our top five,” continued the coach. “He’s a good golfer. Allen Humbard didn’t play last year but he’s out this year and he’s a nice player.

“Tyler’s maybe a two, three or four handicap,” Pennington mentioned. “He shoots in the 70’s and so does Payne Roberts and Austin Harmon. We hope we can get at least one more that can shoot in the low 80’s or in the 70’s. I know that Chase is capable of doing it and so is Chris Harris, possibly Brandon too.

“Those will be our mainstays,” he added. “Our top five will come out of that bunch, I imagine.”


2010 golf schedule

Aug. 5 — at Texarkana (boys only)

Aug. 9 — at Conway

Aug. 16 — at North Little Rock

Aug. 24 — at Longhills

Aug. 30 — at Russellville

Sept. 2 — at Longhills

Sept. 7 — at Pleason Valley CC (Little Rock Central)

Sept. 9 — at Longhills

Sept. 14 — at Longhills

Sept. 21 — at First Tee (Mount St. Mary) (girls only)

Sept. 23 — at Longhills

Sept. 28-29 — Class 7A State Girls Tournament at Greystone, Cabot

Oct. 5-6 — Class 7A State Boys Tournament at Greystone, Cabot

Oct. 13-14 — Overall State at Pleasant Valley, Little Rock

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