A big thank you, help wanted, and other stuff

Best wishes and a big thanks to Lana Clifton for contributing news coverage to BryantDaily.com over the last few months.

Lana and her family are moving to Texas for a job opportunity that her husband has accepted.

She’s been a big help and a great addition to the site.[more]

And she’ll continue to provide some coverage as she has time between packing and trying to sell their house until their move.

In the meantime, however, I’d like to invite anyone who would be interested in part-time (for now) local news reporting for BryantDaily.com, please contact me at rob@bryantdaily.com

* * *

A couple of notes:

Remember you can use the Index on the left side of the page to access all the stories posted in the last year about the subject you’re most interested in, including Lana’s local news stories.

Further down the page, you can find the schedules for the spring sports teams, which have just recently started or very soon will be.

And when you click on most of our ads, you will access their website, if they have one to get further information about their business. Please patronize our sponsors and let them know if you enjoy BryantDaily.com. They’re a big reason it’s here.

By the way, we still have a few slots available for advertising. I'm proud to say we have some impressive numbers in our first annual report supplied to us by 1011 Web Solutions through Google Analytics. Email me or call 501-847-0850 and I'll tell you about them.

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