AHTD grant for Bishop Park trail awarded Bryant Parks

The Bryant Parks & Recreation Department announced it has received approval for an $11,000[more] grant by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department for a perimeter trail at Bishop Park.

Comprised of a fine chat-rock, the trail will extend the current Bryant Parks Nature Trail by an additional 1.7 miles of trail space throughout Bishop Park. The 10-foot wide trail will encourage multiple uses as well as connect the Multipurpose Fields and future fishing pier to the rest of the park.

“The additional trail space is essential inside Bishop Park,” said Brandon Griffin, Recreation Superintendent for the City of Bryant. “With the local schools using the park for cross country meets, as well as local runners and walkers in the community, it’s important for us to provide a safe and adequate amount of recreational space.”

While Bryant Parks Department has been officially recognized as receiving the grant, actual construction of the trail will not take place until the end of the year per the grantor's guidelines.

For more information regarding the Multiuse Trails Grant, contact Brandon Griffin at 501-943-0444.

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