Alderman Profile: Danny Steele, Ward 1

By Martin Couch

Danny Steele is a teacher, but he is still learning, too.

As a former educator in the Little Rock School District at McClellan High School, Steele moved to Bryant in 1983 and has served on the Bryant City Council for 18 years.[more]

“I remember there was a controversy in my neighborhood and I had done a lot of research on it, that’s how I got interested in it,” he said. “I decided to run for City Council.”

Steele has been steadfast in his service to Bryant and has watched its growth with keen interest.

“I do have a say and I try to represent the people of my Ward the best I can,” he said. “I absolutely love it here. This is my home.”

Steele represents his fellow Bryant citizens with a passion and desire to do what is right for the community. His presence on the City Council is invaluable to the community and his concern to make his beloved city the best it can be, takes top priority as portrayed in his deeply researching efforts in finding the right answers to tough questions.

It’s a learning experience that he has been a part of for nearly two decades. Steele plans to run for another term on the City Council and will be on the ballot in this fall’s elections.

“At this point in time, unless something terrible happens in my life, I plan to run again,” Steele said.

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