Alderman Profile: Scott Curtis, Ward 1

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles of the alderman on the Bryant City Council.

By Martin Couch

Most all of Scott Curtis’ life has been spent in Bryant.

Growing up as a Hornet, Curtis played basketball for Joe Treat and came back to Bryant as an assistant coach and head junior high coach. Since, he’s taken on responsibilities as an assistant principal in the Bryant School District and because of his love for the community has become an alderman for the people of Bryant.[more]

“First and foremost, it’s a privilege to serve this city,” Curtis said. “I look forward to the opportunity to make sure Bryant is well known. I grew up here and lived here since the mid-70s and this is home. I take a lot of pride in being from Bryant and I want to see it continue to grow.”

Curtis is an alderman for Bryant’s Ward 1.

“Bryant is known of its growth and school system and in my opinion, it’s one of the best places to live,” he said. “We have a very safe city and great leadership in the government and I want to see it continue.”

Regarding the problems the Council has tackled lately, Curtis said, “Some of the major concerns is the storm water in the Forest Cove area and with Cox Canal. And there are always concerns about money to fix everything. Right now, the residents of Bryant are first and we want to take are of them. We have to watch the budget and pinch pennies to find the money to help in these problems. Right now, we are looking into different avenues to get more money for the city, but I believe we have great leadership through (Finance Director) Gary Hollis and, hopefully, we can find the funds to help people.”

Curtis is also an advocate of the Bryant City Parks system.

“Whenever Bishop Park comes online, hopefully, we will see an increase in revenue to our hotels, motels, restaurants and stores,” he said. “I definitely think we’ll see an increase through the sales tax and that might free us up some money to use for the storm waters.”

Proactive thinking like that has defined Curtis’ career in Bryant city government and he currently has plans to run for City Council again when the fall elections roll around in November.

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