Applications being accepted for CADC Singe Parent Scholarship Fund

BENTON – Central Arkansas Development Council’s Single Parent Scholarship Fund (SPSF) is accepting[more] applications in Saline County. The deadline to apply Nov. 15, 2011.

In Saline County, make application by calling Quinn Lausten at 501-778-1133 or go by the CADC Administrative Office at 321 Edison Avenue in Benton.

All application paperwork must be received by 4:30 p.m. Nov. 15.

The SPSF program provides scholarships to low income single parents who are pursuing a college education. Funds are used to offset financial situations that may keep a single parent from achieving their educational goals. The scholarship fund is a means for our community to assist single parents in returning to school to improve their marketable skills and make their goals attainable.

Each scholarship recipient is provided counseling, information, and referrals in the program. In return, the scholarship recipients participate in fundraising for the program.

CADC is a private nonprofit community action agency that was formed in 1965 to fight and
win the “War on Poverty.” The mission of CADC is to improve the quality of life and build strong
communities in Arkansas. For more information, call 501-778-1133 or go to

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