Barracudas named swimmers of the week

Olivia Chambers (Photo by Michelle Dunn)

By Kirk Stewart

Wyatt Hoyt (Photo by Michelle Dunn)

The Bryant Barracudas have named the swimmers of the week after the Saturday, June 14, meet. They are Olivia Chambers and Wyatt Hoyt.

Chambers has been swimming since she was 3 years old and, since then, it has become what she likes to do most. Breast stroke is her favorite and if she could live in a pool, she would. Other things Olivia loves include hippos, reading, and doing art. She is glad to be a Barracuda this year.

Hoyt is 8 1/2 years old and will be going into the third grade at Springhill Elementary. He loves to swim and do anything that is related to getting wet. He also loves to ride BMX, play soccer and football. He has been in the water since he was six months old. He was born in California and moved to Arkansas three years ago and just loves it here.

BryantDaily would like to congratulate Olivia and Wyatt and all of the Barracudas!

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