Benchmark testing begins next week

By Jamie Miller

April showers bring May flowers . . . but what April also brings is Benchmark testing for[more] most of the Bryant School District.

The first and second graders in Bryant took the Iowa Test earlier this week and on April 8-12, grades three through eight will be taking the Benchmark exam. These tests are mandated by the State and results from these tests affect things throughout the district such as school improvement.

"With our already high test scores, we hope to maintain the success we have experienced over the past,” said Devin Sherrill, Communications Director for the district. “The teaching staff has been working with struggling learners to improve their performance."

The Bryant School's website suggests the following tips to help your child succeed during testing week:

– Make sure you student is present each day at school so they can test with their own teacher in the classroom.

– Plan to have your student in bed early the week of testing so they come to school rested.

– Feed your student a nutritious breakfast.

– Get your child to school on time.

– Make sure your child knows that you think they will do well on the test.

– Reiterate to your child the importance of succeeding on the test.

"We hope our test results will meet out expectations of raised student achievement," Sherrill said.

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