BHS club attends district meeting

Bryant High School FCCLA attended the District 6 Planning and Election meeting on Wednesday at Lake Hamilton High School.

Junior Jeffery Glass was elected District 6 Treasurer for 2017-18 and sophomore Caraline Moore ran for a State FCCLA office, advancing to the second round at meetings to be held in January 2017. She will compete with members across the state for the office.

Pictured are, from left, advisor Heather Hall, Moore, Haley Killgore, Kendal Rogers, Alex Thompson, Glass, and Landon Booth.

“After her speech, Caraline had to answer the question, ‘What state office would you like to hold and why?’” said Hall. “She stated, ‘I would like to be President of Arkansas FCCLA. I see myself becoming the President of the United States so this seems to be the logical first step.’

“Caraline and Jeff both had to fill out paperwork, get their assistant principals Mr. (Dondre) Harris and Ms. (Julie) Long, to sign off on being able to run, prepare a speech, and then deliver it to District 6,” she added. “They made Bryant so proud!”


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