BHS tennis teams get 2019 season underway

Photos courtesy of Angie Keith

On Friday at Otter Creek, the Bryant High School tennis team held a showcase as head coach Angel Dale matched up her players in an intrasquad tournament.

Connor Martin (Photo courtesy of Angie Keith)

In addition, the girls opened the season officially on Thursday against the Mount St. Mary Belles at Rebsamen Park. The Lady Hornets won one of the five singles matches and one of the seven doubles matches.

At the showcase, the top three in girls singles were Kate Keith, Hope Hartz and Simone Dinstbier. The top three boys in the singles competition were Jalen Dinstbier, Codi Kirby and Donte Baker.

In girls doubles, the duo of Hartz and Dinstbier finished first followed by Keith and Hannah Henderson then Megan Sisco and Megan Brown.

Jalen Dinstbier and Kirby finished first among the boys doubles teams followed by Baker and Shane Morris and Caleb Greiner and Pablo Garcia.

Chelsea Nwankow and Adrienne Shelton. (Photo courtesy of Angie Keith)

Here are the scores of the matches (each was a 30-minute match or an eight-game pro set, whichever came first):

Girls singles

Kate Keith vs Hannah Henderson 8-0

Hope Hartz vs Megan Brown 7-1

Simone Dinstbier vs Adrienne Shelton 6-1

Megan Sisco vs Janie Ray 3-2

Destiny Galindo vs Chelsea Nwankow 3-2

Kate Keith vs Hope Hartz 6-0

Hannah Henderson vs Megan Brown  4-1

Donte Baker (Photo courtesy of Angie Baker)

Simone Dinstbier vs Megan Sisco 3-0

Adrienne Shelton vs Chelsea Nwankow 3-2

Janie Ray vs Destiny Galindo 2-1

Hannah Henderson vs Hope Hartz 8-0

Simone Dinstbier Vs Megan Brown 7-0

Megan Sisco vs Adrienne Shelton 4-2

Girls Doubles

Kate/Hannah vs Megan S/Megan B. 5-3

Hope/Simone vs Adrienne/ Chelsea 0-8

Kate/Hannah vs Hope/Simone  5-1

Destiny/Janie vs Megan S/Megan B  5-2

Boys Singles

Jalen Dinstbier vs Pablo Garcia 5-2

Codi Kirby vs Donte Baker 4-2

Nick Skaivo vs David Goshein 5-2

Shane Morris vs Caleb Greiner 4-1

Kate Keith (Photo courtesy of Angie Keith)

Daniel Dellorto vs Tristan Shamlin 6-2

Connnor Martin vs Corwin Martin 5-4

Jalen Dinstbier vs Codi Kirby 3-2

Pablo Garcia vs Donte Baker 4-0

Nick Skaivo vs Caleb Greiner. 2-1

Corwin Martin vs David Goshien 4-0

Connor Martin vs Daniel Dellorto 4-1

Tristan Shamlin vs Shane Morris 8-0

Codi Kirby vs Pablo Garcia 3-1

Caleb Greiner vs Nick Skaivo 6-2

Boys Doubles

Jalen/Codi vs David /Nick  6-2

Donte/Shane vs Caleb/Pablo 5-4

Jalen/Codi vs Donte/Shane 6-2

Tristan/Daniel vs Caleb/Pablo 5-4

Connor/Corwin vs David/Nick 5-2

At Rebsamen on Thursday, Hope Hartz won in singles for Bryant over Mount’s Eliza Lewis, 6-1. In doubles, Hartz and Megan Brown won over Abigail Pahls and Pierce Starling, 6-1.

In the other singles matches, Keith was defeated 0-8 by Presley Southerland; Henderson fell to Tasha Moreland, 2-8; Sisco was topped by Mary Claire O’Connor, 1-6; and Henderson lost to Anna Grace, 1-6.

In doubles matches, Hartz and Dinstbier were defeated by Libby Franks and Hagan Smith, 1-8; Sisco and Brown lost to Libby Raffaelli and Grace, 0-8; Adrienne Shelton and Chelsea Nwankow fell to Abigail Pahls and Townsand Palecek, 0-6. In addition, Bryant’s Janie Ray and Destiny Galindo were edged by Riley Seay and Anna Belle Benton, 4-6; Nwankow and Adrienne Shelton lost to Josie Landrum and Pierce Starling, 0-6; and Dinstbier and Keith were topped by Emma Stewart Kohler and Kate Raborn, 3-6.

The Hornets will make their 2019 debut on Thursday, Aug. 22, against White Hall at Rebsamen. The Lady Hornets will compete as well.

Boys doubles winners from left, Caleb Greiner, Pablo Garcia, Shane Morris, Donte Baker, Codi Kirby and Jalen Dinstbier.
Girls doubles winners, from left, Megan Sisco, Megan Brown, Kate Keith, Hannah Henderson, Hope Hartz and Simone Dinstbier.

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