Boys and Girls Club of Bryant seeking help with setting up new location

The Boys and Girls Club of Bryant is seeking assistance from the community in supplying their new facility at Bishop Park with its “Invest In Kids” program.

“Your investment will help make a safe and positive place for kids,” said Club director Suzanne Passmore. “Make a difference in our community by investing in our youth and their new Club at Bishop Park.”

Among the needs for the new building, Passmore listed:[more]

• Portable PA system

• Game Room (Can sponsor entire area with large sponsor signage)

Or individually:

• 3 heavy duty air hockey tables (approximately $1,225 each)

• 3 heavy duty foosball tables (approximately $ 650 each)

• 2 heavy duty pool tables (approximately $1500 each)

• 2 skeet games (approximately $1,200 each)

• Arcade games (G rated)

• 2 Ping Pong tables (approximately 150 each)

• 2 large screen TV’s

• 24 children’s desks

• 6 or 8 ft round tables

• Chairs

• 10 art easels

• Bookshelves for library books/reading room

• Wii Gaming system & games (fitness/active games)

• Playstation 3 and games

• Ball cart (approximately $135)

• 8 oz Popcorn popper (approximately $150)

• Nacho cheese machine (approximately $350)

• Vacuum cleaner (approximately $300)

• Conference room chairs (12-15)

• Café style tables/chairs (approximately $200 per table and two stools)

• Large welcome mat/rug

“You may also sponsor one of our rooms with sponsor signage,” Passmore noted, adding that the club is also looking for a bus drive to transport kids from the school to the Club each day. “They must go through the school district, have a CDL, and pass a background check.”

For more information or to arrange a pick-up, call Passmore at 231-5333.

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