Bryant Blue seventh grade team plays keep-away to knock off Bearcats

Photos by Kevin Nagle

The Bryant Blue Hornets seventh grade team of Bethel Middle School pinned the first loss of the season on[more] the Little Rock Horace Mann Bearcats seventh grade team, 8-6, on Thursday night at Bryant Stadium.


Parker Littleton scored for the Hornets on a 5-yard run late in the first half. He then ran in a two-point conversion that wound up making the difference.
“We played really good defense,” said Hornets coach Dale Jones, citing the play of Cameron Vail and Christian Harp in particular.

The Hornets offense got the ball to start the second half and ate up 12 of the 20 minutes.

“We didn’t score but we kept their offense off the field,” Jones noted. “They had an exceptional running back.”

The Bearcats had scored on the very first play of the game with a 70-yard run but then couldn’t find the end zone again.

“We had to adjust to the speed but once we did, they didn’t have a run of more than 4 or 5 yards the rest of the night,” Jones said.

The team returns to action on Tuesday, Oct. 2, at Hot Springs Lakeside.

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