Bryant Boys And Girls Club crowns its flag football champions (revised)

By Kirk Stewart

The Saline County Boys and Girls Clubs Flag Football season came to a close Saturday at Bryant Hornet Stadium. Flag football is played 7-on-7 style and focuses on fundamentals and building skills. “It really teaches the kids the game of football” a coach was overheard saying.[more]

Bryant Stadium was the foundation for an experience that was very similar to the high school games. Not only did they play on that field, the teams were able to run through the Hornet tunnel and onto the playing surface as their names were announced over the loud speaker. The only thing missing was the touchdown cannon, but with the amount of scoring, the cannon would have sounded like a machine gun.

In the first through third grade division, the Cardinals defeated the Cowboys 18-6 to claim third place while the Bucs took care of the Vikings 31-25 to claim the first place crown.  In the fourth through sixth grade division, The Eagles defeated the Giants 30-13 and the colts beat the Packers 25-18 in overtime for third place. And, the Jaguars topped the Steelers 33-13 in the championship game.

There are close to 70 kids involved in the program this year as well as a host of adult volunteer leadership – coaches, officiating, keeping score, clock, concessions, etc. Chad Knight leads the program for the Boys and Girls clubs.

The Cowboys are Chandler Stewart, Rhett Accord, Korbin Bailey, Luke Staton, Alex Yarberry, Nicholas Criswell, Grant Long, Zane Agee.  Coaches: Chris Rycraw, Kory Coe

The Cardinals are Bret Smith, Zach Wilson, Trapper McCoy, Aiden Thompson, Joshua Smith, Will McEntire, Clay Curtis, Zack Overton, Daniel Dellorto, Ryan Ammons.  Coaches:  Scott Smith, Jeff Overton

The Bucs are Garrett Brady,  Kadhen Brady, Brock Bariola, Ryan Damboise, Jack Langley, Alex Geren, James Melvin, Nick Fisher.  Coaches:  Jack Brady, Jason Bariola

The Vikings are Dallas Dworak, Drake Dworak, Darius Greer, Chase Mosley, Brandon Mann, Gage Escoffery, Ruger Roach, Luke Peavey, Seth Zill, Ryan Taylor.  Coaches: Chris Chumley, Jerin Terry, Derek Faulkner

The Eagles are Jacob Shepard, Josh Ridgeway, Joe Ridgeway, Jacob Mauser, Allison Smith, Dakotah Brawley, JohnDellorto, Partick Karp.  Coaches: Trey Davis, Tyler Gattin

The Giants are Brooks Ellis, Luke Curtis, Tyler Sanders, Aaron Andrews, Hunter McCoy, Chad Cushing, Dakota Baker.  Coaches:  Mark Ellis, Scott Curtis, Bob Sanders

The Packers are Jacob Pratt, Alex Thompson, Tyler Riffe, Kobi Riffe, Gage Tharp, Destiny Huffman, Tanner Crossland, Logan Rich.  Coaches: Dustin Osborne, Jody Luxinger

The Colts are Andrew Shaw, Xavier Mosley, Jacob Stefan, Gage Marvel, Allen Traylor, Austin McNeely, Cooper Wright.  Coach:  Robert McNeely

The Jaguars are Nick Black, Grayson Ruple, Drew Darbonne, Scott Schmidt, Aaron Porterfield, Malachi Smith, Nathan Bush, Jake Price.  Coaches: Greg Knight, Donnie Ruple

The  Steelers are CJ Wallace, Reid Mobley, Caleb Dorsey, Sam Temple, Miles Flint, Parker Ray, Darron Pfautz.  Coaches:  Chris Wallace, Mike Mobley 

Thanks to Chad Knight, Ron Boyd and Madison McEntire for their support.

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