Post-season honors announced for Boys and Girls Club flag football season

The Jaguars were the champions of the fourth through sixth grade divisionBy Kirk Stewart

End of the year honors were announced for the Saline County Boys and Girls Clubs Flag Football season.[more]

Caleb Dorsey

First through third grade awards:

Offensive Player of the Year: Dallas Dworak, Vikings

Defensive Player of the Year, Will McEntire, Cardinals

Will Chandler

Most Improved, Chandler Stewart, Cowboys

Mr. Hustle, Drake Dworak, Vikings

League MVP, Brock Bariola, Bucs

Coach of the Year, Chris Rycraw, Cowboys

Fourth through sixth grade:

Jake Price

Offensive Player of the Year, Caleb Dorsey, Steelers

Defensive Player of the Year, Gage Marvel, Colts

Most Improved, Hunter McCoy, Giants

Mr. Hustle, Jacob Shepard, Eagles

League MVP, Jake Price, Jaguars

Coach of the Year, Chris Wallace, Steelers

BryantDaily would like to congratulate these winners as well as the Boys and Girls Club for a fine season.




The Steelers were the runners up in the fourth through sixth grade division.

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