Bryant team of 6’s compete in Conway tournament

Carson Nagle, left, stretches to haul in a throw at first. (Photo by Kevin Nagle)A team of mostly 6-year-old players with one 7-year-old and two 5-year-olds, competed in a tournament for 7’s at Conway over the weekend. Team members include[more] Logan Hope, Chase Small, C.J. Nagle, Luke Bikerstaff, Dylan Stroud, Daniel Taylor, Conner Sevier, Reid Catton, Logan Owen, Carson Kemp and Matthew Griffe. (Photos by Kevin NagleLogan Hope (Photo by Kevin Nagle)

Dylan Stroud (Photo by Kevin Nagle)

Reid Catton (Photo by Kevin Nagle)

Luke Bickerstaff fields a throw to second. (Photo by Kevin Nagle)

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