CADC provides help with energy, heating bills

By Jennifer Joyner

The Central Arkansas Development Council is helping families pay their energy and[more] heating bills through the Crisis Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
For Saline County, applications will be accepted Monday-Wednesday, 8 a.m.-noon at the CADC Administration Office, 321 Edison Avenue in Benton. Applications will be accepted until March 30 or until funds are depleted.

For directions or more information, call (501)315-1121.

A disconnect notice with a disconnect date within 7 days of the application must be provided to qualify, according to a press release from CADC. Eligible households must meet income guidelines. To apply for assistance, the household should bring proof of income for the previous month for all household members 18 years or older. Applicants should also provide proof of child support, proof of unemployment for all household members age 18 and older, proof of social security, retirement, pensions, workman's comp or disability, proof of utility allowance or, if no income, proof of how bills are being paid. Social security numbers and birth dates for all household members are required.

For a household of one, monthly income should not exceed $1,462. Countable income includes check stubs, child support, unemployment, housing utility assistance, SSI, SSA, TEA, VAS and retirement benefits, according to the press release. Failure to provide verification requested may result in delay or denial of assistance. Once approved, payment might take up to 35 days.

CADC is a private, nonprofit organization that was formed in 1965 to fight the "War on Poverty." The mission of CADC is to "improve the quality of life and build strong communities in Arkansas," according to the press release.

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