Change in job description for Street Department planning coordinator proposed

By Martin Couch

It has been recommended by the Bryant Finance and Personnel Committee to change the job description for the planning coordinator in the Street Department[more] from an original JESAP (Job Evaluation and Salary Administration Program) study job description.

"This is a job description for a planning coordinator that is being changed or proposed to be changed," City Engineer Richard Penn said. "The changes are just to update the job position to reflect what the position does and make it more clear to the person who holds that position in what his duties are."

Penn changed the description to include recognizing a person with a degree in Urban Planning or the equivalent of a high school education with two years of technical training at a junior college with experience in this kind of activity and two years management experience, as well.

"Under ‘education and experience’ is where we want to put these job descriptions," Penn said. "It is what we look for if the position were to come open, what would you want as a minimum. And we don't want it to disqualify the person who holds the position, want to be sure we have an opportunity with an educational background should they apply for it any time in the future. So what I was getting to was, there are people who don't have a degree in Urban Planning that might qualify with their experience. It's been made available for clarity."

Penn noted that not all of these description changes effected the JESAP rating for salaries.

"JESAP went out and surveyed similar positions — what they do and what they get paid. What we are saying here by changing our job description is, Are we looking at what they really do or what is in the job description?

"What it says today," Penn said. "In the proposal it is what the position currently does and that's the way we rated the position in JESAP."

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