City Council meeting: Street Department lauded, General Fund reports expected by July

By Jamie Miller

The Bryant Street Department was recognized tonight at the regular City Council meeting for[more] their continued service to the City of Bryant. The department has recently started an "Adopt a Street," program and five streets have already been adopted to date.

"Our streets look better than they have in a long time," Mayor Jill Dabbs said.

The Water and Sewer Revenue Bond was approved by the council for a maximum of $8,500,000 for the purpose of financing all or a portion of the costs for improving the waste water treatment plant and the rehabilitation of existing gravity sewer pipeline and manholes. These improvements will be done at no increased cost to citizens of Bryant on water and sewer rates.

The new Finance Director, Cindy West, presented the Street Department financial reports for approval but stated that the General Fund reports are not ready yet. The Council opted not to approve any part of the budget until the General Fund reports are up to date and intact. It has been six months since the city has had accurate and complete financial reports.

"The city is in great shape but the reports aren't ready yet," West said.

The reports are expected to be completed no later than the end of June.

Dayco Construction and the City of Bryant came to a settlement of $60,000 that the City will be paying Dayco for their services that were done on the Aquatics Center at Bishop Park.

Over 260 hours of overtime have been put in by Parks Department employees this year due to working events held a Bishop Park. A job description, classification, and compensation resolution for a Marketing/Events Coordinator was approved to help alleviate other employees of working overtime on special events.

Bryant will have a July 4th event this year under a $20,000 budget thats was approved by the City Council.

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