City Council passes resolution in support of School Board request for millage increase

By Dana Poindexter

Assistant to Mayor Jill Dabbs

The Bryant City Council passed a resolution last week to state their support concerning the School District’s request for a millage increase needed to accommodate the growing student population within the schools.

“As a past Bryant School Board Member and current Bryant Alderman, I support the Bryant School District’s request for 4.9  mills to provide facilities needed to educate our growing student population. Our current school population is over 9,100 and is projected to grow an average of 300 students each year. School facilities are community assets with direct correlation to economic growth, home values and overall quality of life. Please join me in voting FOR an investment in Bryant on March 10th!” stated Alderman Brenda Miller

Alderman Jerry Henson added “On March 10th you will be ask to vote on an increase on the school millage. This election is important to the future of our schools, as well as the City of Bryant. The Bryant School system is widely recognized as one of the “Best” school districts in the State.  This is because of our teachers and school administration. We are fortunate to have award winning teachers that are dedicated to making our children all they can be.We are obligated to give our teachers and students every tool available to succeed.  In order to continue to attract the best educators, we must offer facilities in which teachers and students may thrive.”

Bryant has the largest school district in Saline County and yet the lowest millage rate. This increase will fund classroom and facility space for the students, along with additional programs within the schools such as career training programs. Early voting begins today at Grace Church 10:00 AM-4:30 PM or the Vote Here Center from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

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  1. Heather

    The reason it is over populated, is half of the students does not reside in Saline County and the School District gets a % of head count attending.

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