City releases statement on Finance Department

The City of Bryant issued this statement today:[more]

City of Bryant Finance Department Update

Due to the recent turnover of four employees in the City of Bryant's finance department and an archaic and cumbersome software program, the city has experienced issues with providing normal financing reports.

According to Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs, the turnover combined with a non-transparent transition from the previous finance department to the current finance department personnel exacerbated the issues.

"As the Mayor of Bryant, I want to report on the following February and March City Council meetings that the interim finance department personnel was incapable of providing the required finance reports to myself and the City Council that are necessary to properly monitor the finances of the City," Dabbs said. "This issue is a great concern, but I want to assure the citizens of Bryant that comprehensive and thorough procedures are underway to
ensure that the reports are available and accurate."

Although the learning curve for new staff members presents challenges, the team is working diligently to re-establish proven accounting and financial reporting procedures. The City of Bryant Finance Department has a new Finance Director, who will begin employment with the city on April 24, 2012.

Mayor Dabbs stated, "This hurdle we face is not due to a lack of funds. It is simply a matter of inaccurate information reporting. In order to assure the citizens of Bryant that the city's finances are in order, an independent audit will be conducted of all financial records for the past six months.”

Dabbs indicated that the results of the audit and complete finance reports will be available as soon as possible.

For more information, contact Mayor Jill Dabbs at 501.425.0478

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