Collegeville second grade students pay tribute on Veterans Day

Collegeville Elementary School second grade classes put on a Veterans Day musical performance honoring the country's veterans on Thursday night, Nov. 11.

“Our songs reflected our freedoms in America[more] and honored those who have fought to make our country free,” said DeDe Gillespie, one of the second-grade teachers at the school.

Members of students' families who have served through the years in the armed forces were highlighted through a slideshow presentation during one song honoring American heroes. All those who have served in either war or peacetime were asked to stand at the end of the show and were applauded in appreciation of their sacrifice.

A repeat performance was given on Friday morning for the school.

Music teacher is Marcia Brown, whose husband presently serves in the armed services. Second grade teachers are Terri England, Gillespie, Ashley Poe, and Marcia Stroud.

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