Council approves new members of Water Commission

By Jamie Miller

Four new members were appointed to the Water Commission Thursday night at the February[more] meeting of the Bryant City Council. Seth Yancey was appointed to Ward 1 Position 2; Linda Leyant, Ward 3 Position 1; Jack Mosley, Ward 4 Position 2; and Wade Boone, Ward 4 Position 1. All of the new members were approved by the council to serve on the committee.

The City of Bryant will be getting new recycle bins throughout the city that allow all recyclable items to be thrown into one bin instead of having to be separated out. The new bins are scheduled to arrive the first of April.

Several residents of Bryant were present expressing their concern for the neighborhood of Midtowne. They stated that the initial plan for Midtowne is not being carried out. In the past five years, only approximately 15 homes have been built in the 188-acre piece of land.

"Why has Midtowne been allowed to stay like this for five years?" one resident asked.

Nothing in Midtowne has been constructed as planned, according to other residents.

The group showed the initial plans for Midtowne and then showed photos of how Midtowne stands today. Open, bare lots lay throughout the entire development with few to no trees.

"The best thing for Midtowne is to finish it," the presenter said. "Let's all make Midtowne a reality."

The Council heard the first reading of an amended ordinance regarding multi-family housing. Only the first reading was done. Mayor Jill Dabbs encouraged the council to only do the first reading and to wait on the second and third readings for the March Council meeting in order for the citizens of Bryant to review the ordinance before a final decision is made.

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