Council extends temporary IT services, lifts multi-family housing moratorium

By Jamie Miller

Mayor Jill Dabbs presented a statement of Position and Analysis at the regular April City[more] Council meeting regarding the lack of a decision by the Council to establish outsourced IT Services.

"I could understand this 18 months ago as we moved forward cautiously with a wait and see approach. But now, the verdict is in. What we are doing is working. We are saving money across the board," Mayor Dabbs said.

The statement indicated that, “most citizens might agree that it doesn't make sense for the City Council not to approve something that is working well and saving the city money. The part that has not been approved by the council is the terms of the annual contract. Since January, the Council has simply voted to renew last year's contract for 30 more days.

“By outsourcing the City's IT needs, Bryant is saving 30 percent of the taxpayer's money and (is) getting better service on day-to-day IT needs and IT Projects,” the statement continued.

Dabbs noted that, at the end of 2012, each department laid out its IT needs for 2013. With the current proposed contract, most of the projects in each department will be completed in 2013 if it is approved. A few of the projects include a complete upgrade to the dispatch and 911 center, the implementation of the new Water Meter System, and an outdoor parks and Wi-Fi transmitter.

A vote was taken and the Council once again decided that another 30-day contract will be put into place for the IT position. A workshop will be held in the near future to work out the details of an agreement.

In recent weeks, there has been much discussion regarding the construction of Multi-Family Housing in the city of Bryant. The council voted to repeal the moratorium resolution with seven "yes" votes. Rob Roedel was absent.

Anyone interested in knowing the laws that the City of Bryant has adopted over the years, it is now easy to find all of them online. The city's new website now offers "Municode," an online software that sorts and organizes all ordinances. They are put into categories and summarized for quick reading. A copy of the entire ordinance is also available.

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