Council passes resolution to adopt amended 2010 budget

By Martin Couch

The Bryant City Council passed Resolution 2010-23 at its last scheduled meeting of the year on Thursday, Dec. 9.The resolution provides for the adoption of an amended budget for the city of Bryant for[more] 12 months beginning January 1 and ending December 31 of 2010.

"To adopt the budget, Category B items have moved to clean it up," Mayor Larry Mitchell said.

Category B or Priority B items include Planning Commission expenses, salaries, FTN Associates Watershed study, city vehicles, detention ponds, computer equipment, uniforms, travel and training and other equipment used by the city.

"Priority B items approved by the Council are not in the operation budget taking in the grants and things like that," City finance director Gary Hollis said. "Putting those in there shows there is revenue and it cleans up the budget. We've got 11 months and we're trying to accrue the 12th month to make sure everything adds up and balances at the end of the year."

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