Council to review proposal on structure of meetings

By Martin Couch

The Bryant City Council will discuss Resolution 2013-1, which provides for organization[more] of City Council meetings when they meet this Friday.

The new resolution states that a regular session will be held at 7 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month, unless six of the eight City Council members vote to reschedule it.

The meetings may include a workshop for informal discussion, fact-finding or pending legislation. Special meetings may be called by Mayor Jill Dabbs or three of the City Council members within a 48-hour period unless an emergency exists.

Agendas for any business to be transacted at the regularly scheduled meetings shall be prepared by the mayor and be made available to the City Council within three days of a meeting. Items on the agenda can come from the mayor, City Council members or the general public, but they have to be submitted by noon five days prior to a scheduled meeting.

The resolution also states that Mayor Dabbs shall be the ex-officio President of the Council and preside at its meetings.

For comments or debates, five minutes have been allotted unless the mayor imposes a different time standard and the City Council has the authority to limit discussions by a making a motion.

Finally, no one shall berate, harass or use disparaging language or gestures during any meeting.

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