Davis, Paron invite grandparents to join students

By Jamie Miller

Two Bryant Elementary schools will be holding their annual Grandparents’ Day event on[more] Friday, Sept. 9. Davis Elementary and Paron Elementary have invited all the grandparents of their students to enjoy lunch, photos and special tours with their grandchildren.

“This is one of their most popular events, DES served over 300 guests last year,” Jessica Bollen, Director of Communications for Bryant Public Schools, said.

Grandparents’ Day is a common occurrence at least once a year in most elementary schools, but each school may do it a little differently.

“We host Grandparents’ Day each year to celebrate our grandparents and to honor the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren by inviting them out to eat a special lunch,” Tiffany Beasley, principal at Davis Elementary, said.

At Davis, after the lunch is completed, the grandparents and students will go to the gym to have their picture taken together and then Davis will send the pictures home with the grandparents along with cards that were made by the students. This year, many are expected to attend.

“We have received RSVPs from 205 grandparents as of last Friday,” Beasley said.

At Paron Elementary, the event will begin at 1 p.m., in the auditorium. The grandparents will be treated to a short program including songs, poems, and skits. After the production, they will be given punch and cookies.

“Afterwards, the grandparents will be invited to visit the classrooms,” Karen Metcalf, Paron Elementary principal, said.

Both schools are expecting large turnouts for their events.

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