Emergency notification system CodeRED launched by City

The City of Bryant has instituted the CodeRED Emergency Notification System, a[more] high-speed telephone communications service for emergency notifications.

The system allows authorities to telephone all or targeted areas of the City in case of an emergency situation that requires immediate action, such as an evacuation, contaminated water, hazardous chemical spills, etc. This system is capable of dialing the entire City within minutes. It then delivers a pre-recorded message describing the situations to a live person or an answering matching in the affected area, possibly including instructions requiring immediate action on part of the recipient.

City officials urge citizens, property owners and businesses to participate in the program actively in order to maximize the benefits of the system and public safety. The system is only as good as the database of phone numbers supporting it, they said. Citizens, property owners and businesses are encouraged to register their information with CodeRED. Information needed for the system includes name, address and phone number (cell phone numbers can be registered also). Information is kept strictly confidential with CodeRED.

Residents can also select to receive weather warnings including the type of weather warning desired, such as Thunderstorm Warnings, Tornado Warnings and Flash Flood Warnings. The system will only notify those who sign up if weather-related issues are tracking toward Bryant. It will not contact residents every time that Saline County is under a weather warning.

In addition, e-mail and/or text messaging can be included for other city-related messages such as meetings and events held in the city.

The system will only be used for emergency purposes.

Examples of times when the CodeRED system could be utilized for emergency:

• Drinking water contamination/boil orders

• Utility outage

• Evacuation notice and route

• Missing person

• Fires

• Bomb threats

• Hostage situation

• Chemical spill or gas lead

• Other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential for life safey.

Examples of times when CodeRED Weather Warning system could be utilized:

• Thunderstorm Warnings

• Tornado Warnings

• Flash Flood Warnings

Examples of times when CodeRED system could be utilized to inform residents/businesses via text messaging and e-mail notification:

• Special Council meetings

• Safety message from Fire Department on burn bans and other related issues

• Warning message from Police Department on recent burglaries and the areas affected as well as other safety issues that affect the city

• Road closures

• Festivals, carnivals and special events within the city

• Any other announcement that may affect the citizens and/or businesses within the city

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