FCCLA group at BHS joins in national ‘Dude.Be Nice’ program to say ‘Thanks’

The Bryant High School FCCLA has joined in a nation-wide program with the theme “Dude.Be Nice” and, earlier this week, the Service Learning class of instructor Heather Hare engaged in the first project for Kelly Fugitt, a member of the maintenance crew at Bryant Schools.

“It’s all about recognizing school employees that are dong a fantastic job and need to be acknowledged,” Hare said, pointing to the webpage https://www.dudebenice.com/pages/videos for examples.

“With the help of Sherri Benton (transportation/maintenance secretary) and Bob Padgett (maintenance supervisor), we were able to get Mr. Kelly to class quickly where we had music playing, posters made, and screamed, ‘Thank you!” she explained. “We gave him a gift card to Lowes and donuts to take back to the maintenance crew because ‘We donut what we would do without him!’

“He said he was truly surprised and that it meant the world to him,” the instructor concluded.


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