Fields announces bid for City Council position

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Rae Ann Fields, 1501 Maple Acres, Bryant, announced today that she is seeking the Bryant City Council seat for Ward 2, Position 2.

“I will bring a new perspective to the council and will work to build consensus among council members and the mayor,” noted Fields.  “I want to foremost represent my ward and the best interest of the entire city. Bryant needs to plan for the future with many partners. Planning sessions should bring the schools, churches, businesses, airport … all players to the table. We need to be prepared to grow and prosper in a way that we control. Growth is coming to our city. We can do nothing and let it happen haphazardly, or we can plan for growth and see that it happens in the best way for our community.

“When we encourage business growth we strengthen our families by providing jobs for them in Bryant,” she said. “We save energy when we bring jobs here and take those commuters off the roads. We promote stability within our own city by promoting a stable tax base and are not as dependent on jobs in other cities.”

Fields has served as the Bryant Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director for more than 16 years. Before her time at the Chamber, she was Community Relations Director for Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton for 10 years. Her work history includes being a reporter for two newspapers, the Arkansas Democrat (before becoming the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) and the Jonesboro Sun. She also worked briefly as a press aide to Congressman Bill Alexander in Washington, D.C. She characterizes herself as a staunch independent, believing in people over labels.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Arkansas State University.


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