Further instructions on local plastic recycling provided

By Martin Couch

Although it had been reported that the Saline County landfill was accepting plastics (No. 1 and No. 2 sizes), there have not been any recycling trailers to accept them yet.[more]

"The Saline County Recycling/Solid Waste Management District (SCRSWMD) has not set up any bins on the recycling trailers to accept the plastics," said Jim Erwin, member of the SCRSWMD. "They are accepting plastic No. 1 and No. 2 at the landfill only."

The landfill will receive new signs to mark the bins on the recycling trailers for the plastic deposit. Once the signs are received, they will be placed on the bins at the locations.

"We are reminding residents to wash out the plastic items that have held anything but water and to make sure the lids or caps are removed," Erwin said. "The lids and caps cannot be recycled. At this time, they are having to go through all the plastic items and remove the lids off of the containers that have lids."

The next SCRSWMD meeting is on Sept. 15 in Benton.

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