Griffins, others answering The C.A.L.L.

By Diane Winiecki

Through no fault of their own, children often find themselves in state custody due to child abuse, neglect, or some other safety concern in the home. According to The C.A.L.L., there are about 7,000 children in foster care in Arkansas within a year, and there are only about 950 foster families available to care for those children. Plus, there are over 500 children available for adoption through foster care in the state.

Saline County has a very special couple who are the coordinators for the Saline County C.A.L.L., Jess and Tonia Griffin.[more]

“We got involved in the CALL after seeing the video at The Church at Rock Creek in September 2007,” stated Tonia Griffin. “We truly felt — and still do feel — called by God to care for His children. He is working all around His children in foster care and we love it.

“You start out thinking that the children are going to be so blessed from being in a loving home and see how families really love each other,” she continued. “Then you realize that you are blessed above and beyond anything you could do for them. We couldn't imagine our lives without our kids. We will forever be changed from these children and cannot wait to see how God is going to continue to change and grow them. And their futures are bright and full of hope. We are now adopting one of our children; the adoption should be final sometime this summer.”

There are over 100 children in Saline County in care on any given day. Children from other counties have been placed in Saline County due to a lack of homes within the county they reside in, which results in children not only losing their homes and families, but also losing their friends, teachers, church homes, etc.

With an adoption through the state, there is no cost. It’s free to the adopting family. Not everyone is CALLED to foster or adopt, but all are called to care.

The next information meeting in Saline County will be held, Monday, July 12, at 6:30 p.m., with the location to be determined.

For more information, contact the Griffins at 501-960-6541 or email Further information can also be obtained at the web site,

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