GT seminar to be offered at middle school level

By Martin Couch

Lynn Harrison, program coordinator for the Bryant Gifted and Talented activities, has announced that a seminar[more] for the GT students at Bryant and Bethel Middle Schools will be offered each Tuesday.

“Did you know that some of Bryant and Bethel Middle School’s 199 seventh and eighth grades identified gifted students are trying to determine what type of recreational facility a small town the size of Bryant needs to build?” Harrison asked. “Through research, interviews and technology, students are learning where the facility should be located to be most accessible to patrons.”

Electricity City is just one unit currently being offered at both middle schools for the GT Seminar Pull-Out Program, taught by Susan Jeffries and Tracie Moon.

“Students selected areas of interest and, through problem solving, are creating real solutions and products for the specific issues they study,” Harrison said.

Creative thinking and problem-solving are among the most important 21st century skills recommended for high school and college graduates and Bryant is working to ensure that students are prepared with those critical abilities, according to Harrison.

“From a group interested in medical sciences, ‘What are the causes and resolutions of major medical concerns that are currently affecting society, including teenagers?’ To a group interested in literature, ‘What role does mythology play in our lives today?’ To groups concerned about culture, ‘What are major sources of division and elements of identity that separate groups of people?’ and ‘What is your American Dream?’ and ‘Does the middle ages affect our culture today?’,” she said. “These gifted students are getting an education that will make a difference.”

For more information about the seminars, contact Harrison at

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