Henley announces bid to become Bryant’s mayor

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Adrian Henley has announced his candidacy for the mayor’s position in Bryant.

Adrian Henley

Adrian Henley

Henley, a Ward 3Alderman for the past six years, has served as the liaison for the Finance and Personnel Committee, the Animal Control Committee, the Street Committee, and the Water/Wastewater Committee.

As the communication link between these city departments and the council, he said he gained valuable knowledge aboutand insights into the inner workings of these departments and in the process, he learned how to make balanced decisions that benefit both the citizens of Bryant and the city itself.

A resident of Bryant for over 20 years, Henley has owned and managed three small local businesses. He said he understands firsthand the everyday concerns of Bryant’s business owners and managers.To further his understanding and knowledge, he noted that he earneddegrees from UALR in Political Science and Business/Human Resources Management.

Henley said he believes that his six years of experience on the council, combined with his business experience and college education, make him uniquely qualified to serve as mayor.

“As Mayor, I will bring a conservative approach to the city of Bryant,” he said. “This will include a city government that represents every resident of Bryant. My highest priority is to stabilize the fiscal situation, which will assure our citizens that future generations will enjoy allofthe great opportunities the city of Bryant offers.”

A devoted family man himself, Henley has a wife, Amy, and three sons: Tye, 11, Landon, 7, and Preston, 3. Daughter Evalynn joined the family in July.

Henley particularly citesthe need for personnel stability within the city’s government.

“So many of our city positions, from the highest to the lowest, have experienced an unprecedented turnover ratein the past few years,” he said. “I plan to utilize my business management skills to help bring stability back to these city offices. I’ll work to lower the turnover rate — to retain the valuable workers the city already employs while making sure that qualified people of the highest integrity and principles are hired to fill vacancies. City employees should all possess a true understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the positions they hold. The city needs a firm governmental foundation and building one is the best way the city of Bryant can focus on serving its citizens.”

Henley’s goals as mayor include:

  • Lowering wastewater rates.
  • Increasing the number of patrol officers in an effort to reduce crime.
  • Continuing to support a “no new tax” policy.
  • Working with the council to establish a long-term plan to build a large municipal complex that will centralize the locations of the post office, the courts, the DFA, and other city services, for the convenience of the citizens.

You can Learn more about Henley’s goals and ideas on his website: www.bryantmayor.com

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