Hollis gives summary of funds, 2011 operating budget for city

By Martin Couch

Bryant Finance Director Gary Hollis gave a summary of all three major funds for the city of Bryant and discussed the 2011 operating budget last Wednesday night at the Personnel and Finance Committee meeting.

The three major city funds are[more] the General Fund that encompasses public works, police, fire, courts, parks and animal control, the Street Fund and the Water/Wastewater Fund.

"These are the major funds that the city gets. There are dozens of other funds," Hollis said. His examples were debt service funds and impact fee funds.

"The money is all in three funds, general, streets and utlilities," Hollis said. "We've got the money in the different funds, for example the sales tax and the three percent, that's all accumulated. We are paying debt services for police cars, fire, for parks bonds and so forth."

Hollis indicated the city will have an $87,000 surplus in a baseline budget model.

"That's our biggest and weakest fund," Hollis said. "We have everybody competing for that $87,000."

The street department is at a $273,000 surplus and the water/waste water stands at $555,000.

"The funds are balances," Hollis said. "There is not fluff, no additional staffing, no services, none of those kinds of things that have to be accrued separately."

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