Hornets’ trick play all the rage on the web


It has created quite a stir. For soccer[more] (or futboll) purists, it's usually draws ire as an abomination. For most, however, it has drawn laughs, surprise, amazement and praise of its creativity.

The Bryant Hornets soccer team pulled off the this play on a free kick at Conway, put together by Coach Jason Hay, a Conway alum by the way. Yahoo picked it up and since it's been posted on youtube.com, it's been viewed almost 10,000 times.

One story has been related that a former Bryant girls soccer player's friend who's now in China said that the video is all the rage there!

For more about the play and the game, go here


  1. Britt

    Thanks for posting and sharing this play Rob. I heard about the play but had not seen the video. I’ve shared it, and BryantDaily.com, with my friends and family. Have a great weekend.

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