Huckabee endorses Milligan

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Former governor Mike Huckabee, through his Huck Political Action Committee (PAC), has announced his support for Dennis Milligan for Saline County Circuit Clerk.[more]

“Dennis has strong ties to the people of Saline County — and his roots there run deep,” Huckabee said in a statement released on the Huck PAC website. “Dennis is the kind of man who will never forget that the Circuit Clerk’s Office belongs to the people of Saline County, and as you next Circuit Clerk, Dennis will work hard to do what is right.

“As a former Constable of Saline County, Dennis has consistently proven he knows how to serve the people,” continued the former governor. “As former State Chairman of the Republican Party of Arkansas, Dennis has the necessary experiences and understanding to make a real positive difference. Dennis will bring accountability and integrity back to the office of Circuit Clerk."

Milligan released the following statement in response:

“I am proud to join the ranks of people like John Boozman for U.S. Senate, Beth Anne Ranking, Steve Womack, Tim Griffin, and Rick Crawford for Congress, Jim Keet for governor and Mark Martin for Secretary of State,” Milligan said. “We all have been endorsed by the governor.

“While Gov. Huckabee has endorsed a number of state and federal candidates here in Arkansas, I am the first candidate on the county level he has endorsed,” he added. “Since he knows me from my experience as chairman of the Republican party of Arkansas and he knows my opponent from his days as obstructive state representatives, an endorsement in a county race says a lot.

“Mike Huckabee has always been a man of character,” Milligan continued. “He is aware my opponent hired Saline County’s former prosecuting attorney Dan Harmon to work in the circuit clerk’s office. Harmon was convicted on federal charges of running an illegal drug operation from the prosecutor’s office. He has been disbarred and can never practice law again. He should have been banned from being on the county payroll. My opponent was very arrogant to place Harmon on the county payroll. This totally ignored the families of those had their lives destroyed by the destructive efforts of illegal drugs sold by Harmon’s operations.

“While my opponent has done little with technology while holding the office of circuit clerk for almost 10 years, I have plans to modernize the office and make it more Internet user friendly,” he concluded. “Mike Huckabee did a lot to modernize the technology of state government while he was governor. Look at improvements he made in the car tag system. I want to make similar improvements in the circuit clerk’s office.”

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