Information added to water bills

By Martin Couch

Since everyone gets a water bill in Bryant, it only makes sense to put out information on the bill for everyone to see.

Water and sewer rates listed on the back of bills range[more] with the minimum price per 2,000 gallons and per thousand gallons there after. The common usage of an average home in Bryant is around 5,000 gallons a month.

The City Council was informed of this and suggested the information or department news to be put with the monthly water/wastewater bills for Bryant residents.

Payments can now be made with cash, check, money orders, credit cards or online at to view. However, fees do apply for online payments.

The information also has helpful numbers for residents like customer care, automatic draft information and the water plant itself. Numbers for electric, gas, telephone, cable, solid wastes and other government agencies are listed, as well.

"We are trying to get more information out to the customer," Bryant city accountant Gary Hollis. "It's to advise new customers with an information sheet of current water rates, sprinkler system availablity, strenghts of meters and some other things. On the sheet where they make the applications, where they put a deposit to get new service with the city, there is place they can sign and get a paid receipt."

Other informative issues will be addressed as well in the information sheet.

"We are trying to go the extra mile to know what's going on," Hollis said.

Applicants for water and sewer to the city can also apply online now.

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