King, City of Bryant settle out of court

By Martin Couch

Shayne King, who was let go from her position as Bryant city clerk by current Mayor[more] Jill Dabbs, had sued the city for damages.
The result was a trial in Saline County Circuit Court that was slated for early February of this year. The suit has been settled out of court for $5,000.

According to the Arkansas Municpal League, which retained counsel for the City of Bryant and Dabbs, determined the settlement was less than the cost of litigating the matter. It was further determined that the city would not have to pay money to effectuate the settlement as it is covered by the Municipal League.

The city of Bryant denies liability and the settlement was reached because of the economics of settlement versus pursing a trial.

A formal order for dismissal has been prepared and presented to the court for execution and entry.

King's original 2011 lawsuit was asking for $333,000 in damages.

"She has been very vocal on several occasions about why she did not reappoint me, and unfortunately those things do not match," King said in an interview that year.

The lawsuit claimed wrongful discharge and charged slander by Dabbs.

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