Lemons tells Council that Jan. 20 is target date for park’s grand opening

By Martin Couch

Bryant Parks and Recreation Director Jeremy Lemons told the Bryant City Council that he is shooting for a Jan. 20, 2011 grand opening for Bishop Park.

"We're still scheduling that, but it will be a whole afternoon of[more] activities so we can show off different parts of the park, have an exhibition swim, but we are still meeting on that," Lemons said.

He reported that the Senior Adult Center members have officially moved in and will be hosting their first dance on Dec. 18.

Lemons stated that on Feb. 28, the Benton Lady Panthers and the Bryant Lady Hornets softball teams will play at Bishop Park.

"We are starting to work out a year-long tournament schedule and it's amazing," he said.

Work on the playground at the Boys and Girls Club has been completed with fresh straw and grass and better underground piping on drains beside the building.

"The youth center is up and running and I'm very impressed with the activities going on," Lemons said.

The Community Center will get new carpet on Dec. 23 at no cost, and Lemons added bookings of the meeting rooms was on the rise as was membership, which stands now just above 900.

"Our goal is to get to 1,500 and it seems to be running really good right now," he said.

Also the heater for the pool was installed and Lemons indicated that the pool could be open on a light schedule as early as next week.

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