Logan’s Roadhouse gets plat approval from Commission

By Martin Couch

In Monday's meeting of the Bryant Planning Commission, Joe White of Logan's Roadhouse was put on the agenda at the last minute for final approval of a one-lot subdivision plat that is required by his corporation before construction is to begin.

The preliminary plat approval was okayed by the DRC and, under law, Logan's Roadhouse requires a subdivision platte close.[more]

"They are ready to go with construction, but they wanted the plat," White said. The Logan's Roadhouse will be located at southeast corner of the Reynolds Road-Interstate 30 exchange next to Chick-fil-A.

The commission unanimously passed approval of the one-lot plat for Logan's to begin construction.

In other commission business from Monday, Jacob Gillip representing the owner of Pikewood 2 Subdivision requested approval of a two-lot plat on the corner of Lavern Drive and Center Street in Bryant.

"What we're doing is taking two lots and working with them to meet the minimum requirements," Gillip said. "One of them doesn't, so we are splitting them up so both of them will meet it."

The request was passed by the Commission.

Gillip also represented the owner for the Remington Place Subdivision Phase 2 project, requesting preliminary plat approval for property off of Springdale Road.

"This also has been approved by the DRC, which has a few concerns that were addressed," Gillip said. "Sam Johnson Construction has taken care of these concerns in Phase 1 of the subdivision. All the maintenance has been done and the retention pond has been smoothed."

The Commission passed the approval of the preliminary plat, as well.

A gravel parking lot will remain at Park Place Baptist Church until the church has the funds to have it paved.

And North Bryant Baptist Church will be getting a new auditorium on its property as well, after revised site plans were approved by the Commission.

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